New Initiatives

We are excited to share the latest developments planned for The Way, as we strive to provide our students with the best possible all-round educational experience. Our commitment to progress and growth has led us to plan several new initiatives. These new facilities and programmes will provide our students with diverse opportunities to excel and thrive. Visit regularly for more updates as we continue to work towards creating an even more vibrant and comprehensive learning environment at The Way Christian School.

Astroturf – In the final planning stages, this versatile space will accommodate soccer, hockey, and netball, amongst other things.

Netball fields – Three new netball fields are to be developed.

Dance studio – We are looking forward to a dedicated dance studio.

Esports – As a brand new sport to be offered by The Way, Esports involves students creating teams to engage in organised gaming competitions, both online and offline. This activity fosters skill development, digital literacy, and inclusivity, and can serve as a catalyst for pursuing higher education and careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields.

BuzzKidz – A world-class edutainment ecosystem using drama, dance and singing, BuzzKidz fits perfectly into the CAPS curriculum for the younger grades. BuzzKidz offers interactive workshops that grow children's self-confidence, enhance social skills, and provide a creative outlet for expressing their unique personalities.

Drama Studio – With opportunities for self-expression, creativity, teamwork, and the development of communication skills, our drama studio programme is a welcome addition to our extracurricular activities. Students will receive personalised individual coaching and engage in the creation and performance of one-act plays.