New Initiatives

We are excited to share the latest developments planned for The Way, as we strive to provide our students with the best possible all-round educational experience. Our commitment to progress and growth has led us to plan several new initiatives. These new facilities and programmes will provide our students with diverse opportunities to excel and thrive. Visit regularly for more updates as we continue to work towards creating an even more vibrant and comprehensive learning environment at The Way Christian School.

Multipurpose Sports Turf – Prepare for a display of phenomenal footwork, finesse and focus on our all-new multipurpose sports turf, currently under construction! This versatile space will soon be used for soccer, hockey, netball, and more, while the decks around our new coffee shop and tuckshop and the new pavilion promise an impressive spectator experience. Stay tuned for updates.

Industrial Kitchen & Community Hub – We should have courage, faith and lunch together sometime… Our upgraded Industrial Kitchen will house a brand-new tuckshop and coffee shop, serving not only students but also the broader community. Enjoy delicious meals, freshly brewed coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere, all within a stone’s throw of our multipurpose sports turf.

House Plays – Cue lights, sound and go! Discover hidden talents by joining the Inter-House Play “war”! Participate in script writing workshops, direct your peers, or act your heart out. It’s open to everyone. Check the block timetable for practice information and let the shows begin!

Esports – Level up your skills at The Way with Esports! Join the team and compete in organised online and offline gaming tournaments. From strategic thinking to digital literacy, Esports develops valuable skills while promoting inclusivity. Plus, it opens doors to exciting STEM education and career paths. Game on!

BuzzKidz – Raise the curtain on creativity for younger learners. BuzzKidz brings the magic of drama, dance, and singing to life and is perfectly aligned with the CAPS curriculum. Our interactive workshops unlock confidence, boost social skills, and offer a unique platform for self-expression. Watch your child blossom as they explore the performing arts, discovering their inner rockstar! Our first BuzzKids concert is planned for 26 July 2024.

Show UP Performing Arts Festival – Do you have a creative vein that craves recognition and an urge to express yourself? It’s time to step into the spotlight at the brand-new Performing Arts Festival, SHOWUP! Whether you’re into dance, drama/theatre productions, singing, performing a musical instrument, or even making English-language films, this is your chance to shine. This festival is open to all high school learners and while it isn’t an initiative of The Way, we believe many Wayzees have the talent to make it big. So, don’t be shy, SHOWUP!